Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Day 30 Dec 8th

WOW! Can't believe its been 30 days already! It sure doesn't feel like it...I have had a very successful month on my journey to wellness and although I didn't log as many miles as I wanted to on the Bruce Trail, I did log quite a few miles, numerous hours of walking and I have also inspired many of my friends to join me on this journey. Believe it or not, I actually have people call me because they want to join me on my walks. I think it is fantastic! And, in this past month, I have also gone to the Y on a regular basis (try to get there 5 of 7 days) and my friend Jane has joined me. I didn't know it, but my friend Harriet joined up too! I have missed blogging for a full week now but I have been a little busy with the Christmas season upon us and just stuff going on. I figure its better to spend my time out walking or at the Y than it is to report on here. I have a hike planned for this weekend with Julie and I am soooo looking forward to it! YOU have no idea. And if, for any reason, she can't come, I am going myself. I miss the dirt, I miss discovering new land and seeing things for the first time. I want to share my pictures with you all!! Speaking of pictures, I am attaching one of this past weekend with myself and some girlfriends in Niagara Falls...we had fun...gotta run, Joe will be home in a minute and we want to get the second tree up! Take care and happy walking!

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