Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Day 31, Dec 9

So, Day 31...I am loving this journey. One thing that I am particularly enjoying, is going to the Y! One of the programs I am involved in, is called the "smartkey" and it allows you into this special room with only a few machines and a trainer there, ready and available to help you at all times. What I think is really and truly special about it though, is the people. Most of them are seniors, some of them in their 70's even. I love listening to them kibitz with each other when they come in, I love listening to Ed as he watches his heart rate climb, and I love listening to them plan their next coffee date. I think it is fabulous! When I watch them, I imagine myself in that same room, thirty years from now and wonder how many new friends I will meet then. It is refreshing to see so many seniors there taking care of themselves. It makes me smile. Have you done something today that makes you smile? If not, you should, it feels really really good!

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