Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Day 31, Dec 9

So, Day 31...I am loving this journey. One thing that I am particularly enjoying, is going to the Y! One of the programs I am involved in, is called the "smartkey" and it allows you into this special room with only a few machines and a trainer there, ready and available to help you at all times. What I think is really and truly special about it though, is the people. Most of them are seniors, some of them in their 70's even. I love listening to them kibitz with each other when they come in, I love listening to Ed as he watches his heart rate climb, and I love listening to them plan their next coffee date. I think it is fabulous! When I watch them, I imagine myself in that same room, thirty years from now and wonder how many new friends I will meet then. It is refreshing to see so many seniors there taking care of themselves. It makes me smile. Have you done something today that makes you smile? If not, you should, it feels really really good!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Day 30 Dec 8th

WOW! Can't believe its been 30 days already! It sure doesn't feel like it...I have had a very successful month on my journey to wellness and although I didn't log as many miles as I wanted to on the Bruce Trail, I did log quite a few miles, numerous hours of walking and I have also inspired many of my friends to join me on this journey. Believe it or not, I actually have people call me because they want to join me on my walks. I think it is fantastic! And, in this past month, I have also gone to the Y on a regular basis (try to get there 5 of 7 days) and my friend Jane has joined me. I didn't know it, but my friend Harriet joined up too! I have missed blogging for a full week now but I have been a little busy with the Christmas season upon us and just stuff going on. I figure its better to spend my time out walking or at the Y than it is to report on here. I have a hike planned for this weekend with Julie and I am soooo looking forward to it! YOU have no idea. And if, for any reason, she can't come, I am going myself. I miss the dirt, I miss discovering new land and seeing things for the first time. I want to share my pictures with you all!! Speaking of pictures, I am attaching one of this past weekend with myself and some girlfriends in Niagara Falls...we had fun...gotta run, Joe will be home in a minute and we want to get the second tree up! Take care and happy walking!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Day 23

So, December 1st is upon us. Woke up this morning to snow. It was a pleasant surprise and even more pleasant cause I knew it would soon be gone. I love how snow looks when it is fresh but I am not really a fan of's too darned cold, lasts too long and make everything a mess in the spring...I know, it has its good points too but I still don't have to like it?? I have decided that I am not going to continue with the Weight Watchers plan. I find that I am eating far too much, more than I was eating before WW and because I have to fit in all the points, I am sure that is what is slowing my progress in the weight department. My plan is to continue to eat healthy and eat until I am comfortably full. I will weigh myself twice a month, once on the first, which I did today, and once on the 15th. As long as I continue to make good choices more often and continue on this wonderful exercise program that I have going, I am bound to become that healthy person I want to be. In fact, I know I will be. I really miss my hiking and I sent off an email to Julie today to see if we can plan one for the 12th of December? I am off to Niagara Falls this wknd with the girls and I will walk all over there for sure. I hope to also cross off some of the Bruce Trail while I am there. Also, today was the first day of my group, Walk thru December. I was very happy to see that there are 36 people that joined up from all over North America...very inspiring indeed. Well, I am going now to throw a load of laundry in, tomorrow morning to the Y and lots of housework ahead of me...boxes and boxes of Christmas decorations are calling my name...

Monday, November 30, 2009

Missed a few days...was away...Day 22

Okay, so I missed a few days but I had no choice...I was in Michigan celebrating the US Thanksgiving with my family there. That's all part of being well too, spending time with family that you enjoy and sharing a few laughs. My weekend started out with my two nieces and I heading off to Michigan after supper on Thursday. Actually, I should back up a few hours...Thursday morning went to the Y with my friend Jane and we did our workout that the trainer had set up for us. I felt good...I felt proud. Okay, so, now back on our way to Michigan...The girls and I had planned on doing some shopping there, I know-you figured that! So, not much sleep for the girls (about 3 hrs) and none for me, we headed out to the malls at 3:30 in the morning...CRAZY!! But still fun...we were all very happy with our purchases, the crowds and the line ups were interesting and we never encountered one miserable person. It was lovely! (Even me falling over backwards in the Jerry Garcia underwear was funny!!) We did a lot of walking, a lot of hurry up walking and then in the afternoon, had a nap...much needed of course. Friday night, my other sister Tracy and her husband Jim and my Joe joined us. We all went out for dinner and then spent the rest of the night playing games. I was a little overtired and had a little too much red wine (its good for your heart though) but had a great night with everyone! Lots of laughs (oh, and I certainly had a healthy dinner-house salad, dressing on the side, sweet potatoe and grilled salmon) Saturday we did a little more shopping, so not much walking and this is when we had our turkey dinner...again, lots of family time, lots of laughter and a little prayer of thanks. Sure makes the heart feel good! So back home on Sunday, my arthritis is really kicking in, I think the lack of meds and the lack of sleep are playing a role in that. My mouth is making me upset as well...I fear that my test results will come back positive and that I will indeed have Sjogren's Syndrome....funny the things you miss when you don't have saliva...Anyway, I missed a day in my 22 days and believe it or not, I am sorry for that. But it was pouring rain out all day and I was exhausted so I guess I needed the break. Today, Monday, back to the Y and then tonight walking with Tracy to WW....I am NOT looking at the numbers. LOL...especially after a full bottle of wine...ouch..But I don't do it often and in fact, probably won't for a long time again cause the alcohol dehydrates you anyway and I certainly don't need any help with that!! So, I will chat with you all (or just me?) again tomorrow...I am on a roll again and we'll see how many days I can go...Hey, speaking of that, did you join my Walk Thru December??? Check it out...inspired by my friend JoAnn at THE WALKING CONNECTION

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Day 16 and 17

Here I am...still hard at it...haven't been on a hike lately and I miss it and I don't see one in the near future either. Sad. BUT, on an up note, I did go to the Y yesterday and I did go to the Y again today. Today, was an aquafit class and I sure worked hard. I didn't really believe you could sweat in water but I sure was. I enjoyed it though and am looking forward to Thursday's class. SO, ya, yesterday, went to the Y in the morning with Jane, then walked for an hour after lunch with Jamie and then went to Weight Watchers and was disappointed again. Lost only 1.6lbs for a total of 5.8 in three weeks. I have decided though, that for the next few weeks, I am not going to look at the scale when I go..It only upsets me. Tonight, or soon I hope, I will go for a walk with Joe and Lilly. We measured the "short" block the other day and its 2.2kms so its alright to at least get a few minutes in. On days when I've been at the Y, I can handle that. Speaking of being at the Y, I have also signed up for a program that involves 3 times a week, treadmill, elliptical and weights machines and it is set up by a trainer for you. They have these "smartkey" things that you plug into the computer and then also every machine and it records everything that you do. I am excited for that to begin..LOL...I am excited for everything to begin and then I get mad when I don't see the results on the scale!! So, I won't measure that way. I will measure other ways...and I do see results already. I am more eager to do things, I don't feel near as out of breath as I did a few weeks ago, my clothes do fit better and I have to put my neck down farther now to see my double chin! yay me...LOL...Tomorrow, I have my biopsy on my saliva glands, lets all pray that that comes back negative! I also have my xrays on my hands for the arthritis...its really bothering my hips now too since I have been off the sucks, but hopefully all this exercise and subsequent weight loss (ya right!!) will help. Anyway, signing off for now..

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Days 14 & 15

Yep, its late...I missed posting yesterday...didn't have time...didn't do what I had planned either but sometimes, life happens. I didn't walk, didn't sleep but had a great 8 hrs with some good friends at a "Groomsman Challenge." Spent the day outdoors and didn't sit for the full 8 hrs I was there (short of leaning on a stool for about 5 minutes) that must count for something? Not much sleep Saturday night either, went to a fantastic baby shower in the afternoon and then Tracy and I were dropped off before home and walked the rest of the way, probably a couple kms...then, came home, made some gravy for Joe for the roast he had in and then Tracy and I went for another walk...YAY US! Probably another 2 or 3 kms? Tracy even walked here and back so she got in another 1.2kms!! I am proud of her too..she said she was relaxing in the tub on Saturday afternoon and she thought "gee, I'd like to be out for a walk".....LOL...and then she thought "what the hell has Marj done to me?"...What a happy thought! I was just laying down, trying to get some rest and my phone beeped and it was my friend Jane...I was thinking about her earlier this evening cause she said she was going to join the Y....and she did so we are going tomorrow morning then after lunch, a walk with Jamie and then Tracy and I will walk to WW...I am desperately hoping for sleep body needs it terribly! And, on that note, I think I will sign off now and will be back tomorrow sometime...Take care of yourself

Friday, November 20, 2009

Day 13

Wow, thirteen days straight now I have done some sort of activity whether its been as little as a walk back and forth to Weight Watchers (4km) or a few hours of hiking hills! I am so proud of me! Its amazing what this does for the mind!! AND what the mind does for the body!! Speaking of the body, mine is a little sore and I'm not quite sure if its the exercise I have been getting in or if its the effects of being taken off my arthritis meds? He told me that my hips would probably start to give me grief now and I think he is correct? It used to be that they only bothered me when I would lay on, they hurt when I sit as well??? Oh well, as I continue to lose weight, they won't have to bear so much and it should become easier. I tell ya though, last night when I was sitting in my chair, I was so tempted to go to the medicine cabinet and break out the old celebrex!! My hips hurt, my hands hurt, my hips flexors hurt AND my freakin toes hurt~!! Eye yeye eye...(not sure how to spell that sound?)But, I didn't....I just sat there with a nice cup of warm milk and read more about the Bruce Trail and was trying to plan my hike this weekend. I think I may have to do this one on my own? No one wants to come with me...oh well...Anyway,had better go...oh ya, I walked down to the coffee shop today with a couple friends and had them walk UP the big Franklin hill...LOL..they wondered out loud "who's idea was this again?" ...LOL..they will thank me someday!!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Day 12 Nov 19...Am I well???

Okay, so I think I should clarify some things for you. I have had a number of people concerned that my health is in question and that this is why I am doing this. Not really the case. For those of you that have known me most of my life, you have seen me struggle with my weight for years. Up, down, up, down....UP...for some of you that have known me only in the past couple years, you only know me as heavy....BUT, in my mind, I am not a heavy person. I do not like being this heavy person and I will never be comfortable in my own skin this way. I think like a thinner healthy person but I am not, I am an obese healthy person (if there is such a thing?) For the most part, we eat pretty healthy in my house and out of my house. If you ask my kids, they would (or should) be able to tell you what the good fats are and where to find them, they will be able to tell you what antioxidants are, what they do and where to find them...they may even tell you the benefits of eating a whole apple instead of apple juice and the effects it could have on your blood sugar? And, if they can't answer all those questions (I assumed all this time they were paying attention?) then they will know who they can ask...
Anyway, long story short (oops, too late) I have found my mental well being not so well of late. I don't like to go out and have people see me. I imagine them thinking "oh my God, have you seen the size of Marj?", I always see myself as the largest person in the room. I fear I will break a chair, or not fit into the rides at the parks, I get on an airplane and wonder what the person sitting next to me is thinking as I pray to God that the seat belt fits!! I see pictures of me and I cringe...I look in the mirror and moan...I put myself down and it bothers my children a great deal. In fact, it sometimes makes them angry...For as many compliments as I get, I say "thank you" but I don't believe one of them. Also, I am an advocate for Diabetes and its management, research and education and I sure feel like a hypocrite when I talk to people about it...I wonder how they can take me seriously??
So, for all those reasons above, I am on my Journey to Wellness...I don't like looking this way but more importantly, I don't like THINKING this way...I am a thin, active, healthy person stuck for now in this very heavy body...I am working on getting out if it...I really do owe it my life! I feel better when I think I look better.


As a post script, the only thing physically wrong with me right now is arthritis (and being active and thinner helps) and whatever is going on with my mouth but that too could be related to the, all in all, I am good and I want to run/walk the half marathon that I signed up for in Ottawa in May 2010!! (with Team D)

Day 11 Nov 18th

I am posting this a day late but better late than never right? I had a nice walk yesterday with my friend Jamie...we did 5kms on a local trail, took some pictures too and did it in an hour and three quarters so not too too bad...It wasn't really a walk I was looking forward to cause I have already done it a few times and I wanted to do something that we hadn't already done. I did try to look for a nice trail to hike but the maps on the internet for around here weren't really concise on the parking areas and we didn't have time to run around looking for them cause Ben was dropping us off on his way to school and we walked back to the car...It was however, a nice walk and I did end up with some beautiful new mums in my front garden! AND if you check out the pictures on facebook, you will see that I also had another "sign"...while taking a picture of the sign up on the 401, a truck passed (it was coming from behind me) and I snapped the picture...when I got home and was looking at the pictures, it said "driven to succeed"....I believe it was another, I had planned on getting Joe and Lilly out to the little track yesterday when Joe got home from work and he actually agreed to go but when he came home and I showed him the poor lonely dumped mums, he hopped on that band wagon and we went and got some and planted them...then went to visit Gramma after supper...all in all, it was a good day!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

So, I went to Weight Watchers last night and I was certainly not happy with my results! After walking/hiking at least 40 km's last week and eating healthy and within my "points" all week, I was only down .4 lbs!! They told me I need to eat more because of all the exercise I am getting in! I understand the science behind it but I just don't get the math? IF losing weight is based on calories in, calories out, then why does eating more make sense????? GRrrrr, I was a little ticked to say the least...but oh well, move on....Today I am not doing much walking, just around here a little and I am going to see though if I can convince Joe to come out to the Little Track with me and take Lilly? I can't take her myself cause the arthritis in my hands wouldn't let me hold on tight to her if I needed to...I would like to take her on some walks with me but not til I see how she behaves out there first.....She is a big dog and with my hands the way they are, I have no strength in them :-( Also, I certainly wouldn't want her to pull me off a cliff or something. I doubt he'll come though...he's a puner that way...same old walk around the short straying off course. Wish me luck!! Also, I have cards tonight with some lady friends and we always eat...I have already planned out my eating for today and included a couple snacks that I will take there myself and eat only that...A nice Weight Watcher's (WW) caramel chocolate bar and some WW cheese twists too...that will get me through any cravings I might have (but I doubt I will, when I'm strong, I'm good and strong) But, when I'm weak, I'm good and weak too..Today, I am strong! later...Take care everyone that is reading this!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Days 7 & 8

WOW! What a busy weekend!! Yesterday morning I went and helped a friend for a bit. He was moving into a new place with his kids and although I didn't do much, he appreciated it. After lunch, the plan was for Tracy and I to hike into my Aunt Bonnie's for supper. We took the trail from Hespeler to Riverside Park and it took us a couple hours but we stopped for a number of pictures too....We did pretty good but had to stop at the Grandstand in the park and Joe and Jim picked us up there. Tracy had a huge blister on her heel, poor thing, I felt bad for her. I know what they are like...We had a beautiful supper at my Aunt and Uncles and they had the table set so so pretty. I felt like I was being catered to and it was very nice. Spent the evening and night with family and we played some games...The girls kicked ass I might add!!
Sunday, Day 8 of my journey was also a Day 1 if you will? Julie and I are on a mission to see many of the waterfalls of Ontario and I have added personally, to hike the Bruce Trail. Sooooo, we conquered a bit of both today and I must say, at the trail head, we both had a moment when we hugged each other and had tears in our eyes. It was very moving. I know, I know...anyway, the first falls we came to were Felker Falls and they were really quite impressive. We were pleasantly surprised I think....the trail too, was a surprise. We started out flat and then very quickly, we descended! And then kept on descending, ascending, descending, butt is killing me!! Our mission today, was to see both the Felker Falls and the Devil's Punchbowl. They are about 5 kms apart on the trail. (feels like 50) We did pretty good too for our first time on the trails, we managed to not get lost, having read all the blazes correctly except for one slight slip up...we veered off on a side trail and had to work our way back in...wasn't much out of the way though and our hike back was no trouble at all...Okay, so, we trek on and finally get to this waterfall but we keep pressing on (up this huge, very steep stairwell) cause we think it can't possibly be the Devil's Punchbowl and it must be ahead of us? Nopers...we had just seen it according to a couple of knowing hikers we met up with...To say the least, it was disappointing...but, we did, now the trek back...we didn't stop to take any pictures and only stopped for a second or two when I needed to catch my breath or rest my muscles for a second. We hiked in in 1 hr and 50 minutes and hiked out in 1 hr and 25 minutes...I am very happy for the day I put in...The only glitch we have so far, is that although we hiked 11 kms on the Bruce Trail, I can only count a little more than 5 cause we have to turn around and come back. We would have to have two vehicles if we wanted to cover more of it...we'll sort that out another day...For now, I am going to read my books , mark off what I've (we've) covered and enjoy the rest of the evening...

Friday, November 13, 2009

Day 6

Okay, so I didn't blog (is that the correct terminology?) yesterday but that doesn't mean I didn't do anything....Just means I didn't do anything worth taking a picture or talking too much about. I did go to the market though and that was fun! I also walked around the "big" block last night too with Joe and Lilly...I was leading so I took them on a little longer walk than they normally go. Today, was a good day. I was supposed to clean all day and I did do a little of that but not near as much as I should/could have...I had nice healthy meals that I really enjoyed too and I just finished a walk around the "short" block with Joe and Lilly...Joe "has to work in the morning" so he didn't want to do the big block?? I have decided, just in case I had some weird Internet creeper, that I am not going to share where I am walking on the days before my walks but just that I am never know about the people out there! (Plus, Dr Phil says not to share too too much on here! LOL) I do have a big walking weekend planned, walking tomorrow with my sister, which is nice, and then on Sunday to some waterfalls with Julie. Those pictures should be good! I sure hope the weather stays nice...going to enjoy some of His masterpieces and share them with you!! I suppose I should go, put on my pj's (some Friday night huh?) and read my Waterfalls book....oh, and I should "invite" Jess to join me too....LOL...the jerk!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Little Track on 34...first day, Nov 8/09
I don't like having my picture taken but in order to share this with you, I suppose I need to
My friend Sue in the background and Julie is taking this pic
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Okay...first of all, thanks to you my followers for your comments and your support! I did it....I walked to the doctors this morning and was just shy of getting there on time and a friend stopped about half a km from his office and picked me up. Normally, I wouldn't have taken the ride but I was stopped by a man that needed help on Pinebush Road and he took up about 15 minutes of my time. I would have been late had I not taken the ride...SO I still walked about 7kms just to get there (across from the hospital)...and what a BEAUTIFUL morning...holy cow!!! Then, my afternoon was even better. My friend Jamie picked me up and we had lunch in her car (Salmon, carrots, celery, yogurt, raspberries and some whole wheat crackers) then hiked along the Grand River behind the Preston Arena...Its a nice walk but not very challenging...perfect for I begin. So, in all I probably walked about 13 km today. I feel good! I am going to the market tomorrow with Jamie and we're not sure yet if we are going to walk or not...we'll see...The next few days might be a little challenging cause my doc took me off my arthritis meds for a while and I am going to see a rheumatologist. I have been on all the drugs so who knows what the next step will be....I know what Lorna is going to say and I say, I have to find the darned things again...but I will!! Anyway, I am going now....going to see if I can figure out how to put more pics up here...everyone have a great night and enjoy this weather while we have it!!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Well, today was a good day AND I have followers!! Yipee....went for a walk this afternoon with Jamie and took some pictures along the way out and then walked back at a quicker pace which was also nice. Had a very healthy dinner of bbq'd chicken, steamed spinach and greek salad...I then went for another walk with Joe and Lilly around the block after dinner. Now, I am going to prepare myself a nice mug of warm milk and sit with my feet up. I have plans tomorrow to do lots of will be a big day for me. Walking over to my doctors and then having Jamie pick me up after the appt and we'll have a picnic lunch at the Preston arena and then head out along the grand river trail. So, if all goes well, my walk/hike tomorrow will be about 15 thinks I will be tired tomorrow night!! Wish me luck, I am going to need it...hugs to all!
Okay, so, I might not be the sharpest knife in the drawer? You think I could figure out how to get back to HERE this morning? Ummm, nope...instead, I am now a follower...LOL...took some time but I am here...Had a nice breakfast burrito for brunch and am waiting for my friend Jamie to come over and we are going hiking! YAY!! Day 3 and all is well. I can't believe the number of people that want to come walking/hiking with me! Its fantastic! I thought this was going to be a lonely journey but I guess not!! Tomorrow I have a doc's appt and plan to walk there...I sure hope its not raining...Its about 9 km one way...I will decide later if I am walking home as well. Anyway, I had better go now and get ready. She will be here shortly.

Monday, November 9, 2009

So, had my first weigh in tonight and I did fairly well. I walked there and back, which is only about 4kms but at least I did it!! I was down 3.8 lbs!!! A little later, when I am down a few more pounds, I might be more comfortable sharing numbers (who I am trying to kid? I will be ecstatic and want to shout it from the roof tops!!) but honestly, the numbers aren't supposed to matter...not sure who said that but pretty sure they were about 120 lbs!! Anyway, I am going now to plan what I am going to have for breakfast...and what I am going to do tomorrow for activity. I must also say, if you are reading this, Thank you! Thank you for your support!

Even if I am writing this to just me, I like to pretend that someone else is reading it???
Hey! Imagine that! Me, with a blog! Well, this is pretty cool. I guess I will learn as I go what to put on here but for now, lets just say, Welcome to My Journey to Wellness! For those of you that are reading it, you may either be very interested in what I am doing and truly concerned for my health and well being, or you might just be plain nosey? And that's okay too...who knows, maybe I will inspire even the nosey ones??? No matter what, or who I inspire, it has nothing to do with that and everything to do with me. I need to be healthier so I am doing this for no one but me! Selfish? Maybe? But I don't really think so...In order for me to be a great mom (I'm already a good one) I need to be in good health so that I can do all the things that I need to do as a mom and more importantly, all the things that I want to do as a mom. I also want to be a better wife, sister, daughter, aunt and friend....I have so many things on my bucket list, I need to be healthier again so that I can accomplish them all. I sort of outlined my plan so far on what I am going to do but just to say it again, I plan on doing many things to make myself healthier. I will focus right now, on being more active. I do have some SMART goals and I will share those another time but for now, tonight, I am walking to Weight Watchers to weigh in and I will let you know how that goes...