Friday, November 20, 2009

Day 13

Wow, thirteen days straight now I have done some sort of activity whether its been as little as a walk back and forth to Weight Watchers (4km) or a few hours of hiking hills! I am so proud of me! Its amazing what this does for the mind!! AND what the mind does for the body!! Speaking of the body, mine is a little sore and I'm not quite sure if its the exercise I have been getting in or if its the effects of being taken off my arthritis meds? He told me that my hips would probably start to give me grief now and I think he is correct? It used to be that they only bothered me when I would lay on, they hurt when I sit as well??? Oh well, as I continue to lose weight, they won't have to bear so much and it should become easier. I tell ya though, last night when I was sitting in my chair, I was so tempted to go to the medicine cabinet and break out the old celebrex!! My hips hurt, my hands hurt, my hips flexors hurt AND my freakin toes hurt~!! Eye yeye eye...(not sure how to spell that sound?)But, I didn't....I just sat there with a nice cup of warm milk and read more about the Bruce Trail and was trying to plan my hike this weekend. I think I may have to do this one on my own? No one wants to come with me...oh well...Anyway,had better go...oh ya, I walked down to the coffee shop today with a couple friends and had them walk UP the big Franklin hill...LOL..they wondered out loud "who's idea was this again?" ...LOL..they will thank me someday!!

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