Friday, November 13, 2009

Day 6

Okay, so I didn't blog (is that the correct terminology?) yesterday but that doesn't mean I didn't do anything....Just means I didn't do anything worth taking a picture or talking too much about. I did go to the market though and that was fun! I also walked around the "big" block last night too with Joe and Lilly...I was leading so I took them on a little longer walk than they normally go. Today, was a good day. I was supposed to clean all day and I did do a little of that but not near as much as I should/could have...I had nice healthy meals that I really enjoyed too and I just finished a walk around the "short" block with Joe and Lilly...Joe "has to work in the morning" so he didn't want to do the big block?? I have decided, just in case I had some weird Internet creeper, that I am not going to share where I am walking on the days before my walks but just that I am never know about the people out there! (Plus, Dr Phil says not to share too too much on here! LOL) I do have a big walking weekend planned, walking tomorrow with my sister, which is nice, and then on Sunday to some waterfalls with Julie. Those pictures should be good! I sure hope the weather stays nice...going to enjoy some of His masterpieces and share them with you!! I suppose I should go, put on my pj's (some Friday night huh?) and read my Waterfalls book....oh, and I should "invite" Jess to join me too....LOL...the jerk!

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