Tuesday, November 17, 2009

So, I went to Weight Watchers last night and I was certainly not happy with my results! After walking/hiking at least 40 km's last week and eating healthy and within my "points" all week, I was only down .4 lbs!! They told me I need to eat more because of all the exercise I am getting in! I understand the science behind it but I just don't get the math? IF losing weight is based on calories in, calories out, then why does eating more make sense????? GRrrrr, I was a little ticked to say the least...but oh well, move on....Today I am not doing much walking, just around here a little and I am going to see though if I can convince Joe to come out to the Little Track with me and take Lilly? I can't take her myself cause the arthritis in my hands wouldn't let me hold on tight to her if I needed to...I would like to take her on some walks with me but not til I see how she behaves out there first.....She is a big dog and with my hands the way they are, I have no strength in them :-( Also, I certainly wouldn't want her to pull me off a cliff or something. I doubt he'll come though...he's a puner that way...same old walk around the short block...no straying off course. Wish me luck!! Also, I have cards tonight with some lady friends and we always eat...I have already planned out my eating for today and included a couple snacks that I will take there myself and eat only that...A nice Weight Watcher's (WW) caramel chocolate bar and some WW cheese twists too...that will get me through any cravings I might have (but I doubt I will, when I'm strong, I'm good and strong) But, when I'm weak, I'm good and weak too..Today, I am strong! LOL....chat later...Take care everyone that is reading this!


Phil said...

Women on a low-fat diet lose weight, but they lose more if they eat more low-calorie-density fruits, veggies, and soups.

Phil said...

I heard the abouve comment on Biggest Loser.

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