Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Day 16 and 17

Here I am...still hard at it...haven't been on a hike lately and I miss it and I don't see one in the near future either. Sad. BUT, on an up note, I did go to the Y yesterday and I did go to the Y again today. Today, was an aquafit class and I sure worked hard. I didn't really believe you could sweat in water but I sure was. I enjoyed it though and am looking forward to Thursday's class. SO, ya, yesterday, went to the Y in the morning with Jane, then walked for an hour after lunch with Jamie and then went to Weight Watchers and was disappointed again. Lost only 1.6lbs for a total of 5.8 in three weeks. I have decided though, that for the next few weeks, I am not going to look at the scale when I go..It only upsets me. Tonight, or soon I hope, I will go for a walk with Joe and Lilly. We measured the "short" block the other day and its 2.2kms so its alright to at least get a few minutes in. On days when I've been at the Y, I can handle that. Speaking of being at the Y, I have also signed up for a program that involves 3 times a week, treadmill, elliptical and weights machines and it is set up by a trainer for you. They have these "smartkey" things that you plug into the computer and then also every machine and it records everything that you do. I am excited for that to begin..LOL...I am excited for everything to begin and then I get mad when I don't see the results on the scale!! So, I won't measure that way. I will measure other ways...and I do see results already. I am more eager to do things, I don't feel near as out of breath as I did a few weeks ago, my clothes do fit better and I have to put my neck down farther now to see my double chin! yay me...LOL...Tomorrow, I have my biopsy on my saliva glands, lets all pray that that comes back negative! I also have my xrays on my hands for the arthritis...its really bothering my hips now too since I have been off the medication...it sucks, but hopefully all this exercise and subsequent weight loss (ya right!!) will help. Anyway, signing off for now..

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