Sunday, November 15, 2009

Days 7 & 8

WOW! What a busy weekend!! Yesterday morning I went and helped a friend for a bit. He was moving into a new place with his kids and although I didn't do much, he appreciated it. After lunch, the plan was for Tracy and I to hike into my Aunt Bonnie's for supper. We took the trail from Hespeler to Riverside Park and it took us a couple hours but we stopped for a number of pictures too....We did pretty good but had to stop at the Grandstand in the park and Joe and Jim picked us up there. Tracy had a huge blister on her heel, poor thing, I felt bad for her. I know what they are like...We had a beautiful supper at my Aunt and Uncles and they had the table set so so pretty. I felt like I was being catered to and it was very nice. Spent the evening and night with family and we played some games...The girls kicked ass I might add!!
Sunday, Day 8 of my journey was also a Day 1 if you will? Julie and I are on a mission to see many of the waterfalls of Ontario and I have added personally, to hike the Bruce Trail. Sooooo, we conquered a bit of both today and I must say, at the trail head, we both had a moment when we hugged each other and had tears in our eyes. It was very moving. I know, I know...anyway, the first falls we came to were Felker Falls and they were really quite impressive. We were pleasantly surprised I think....the trail too, was a surprise. We started out flat and then very quickly, we descended! And then kept on descending, ascending, descending, butt is killing me!! Our mission today, was to see both the Felker Falls and the Devil's Punchbowl. They are about 5 kms apart on the trail. (feels like 50) We did pretty good too for our first time on the trails, we managed to not get lost, having read all the blazes correctly except for one slight slip up...we veered off on a side trail and had to work our way back in...wasn't much out of the way though and our hike back was no trouble at all...Okay, so, we trek on and finally get to this waterfall but we keep pressing on (up this huge, very steep stairwell) cause we think it can't possibly be the Devil's Punchbowl and it must be ahead of us? Nopers...we had just seen it according to a couple of knowing hikers we met up with...To say the least, it was disappointing...but, we did, now the trek back...we didn't stop to take any pictures and only stopped for a second or two when I needed to catch my breath or rest my muscles for a second. We hiked in in 1 hr and 50 minutes and hiked out in 1 hr and 25 minutes...I am very happy for the day I put in...The only glitch we have so far, is that although we hiked 11 kms on the Bruce Trail, I can only count a little more than 5 cause we have to turn around and come back. We would have to have two vehicles if we wanted to cover more of it...we'll sort that out another day...For now, I am going to read my books , mark off what I've (we've) covered and enjoy the rest of the evening...

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